2 pcs/set Double-Sided Gliding Discs

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Here's What You'll Get:

 2 pcs/set of High Quality Double-Sided Core Gliding Discs

Benefits of Gliding Discs:

In terms of simplicity, a glider is one of the smallest, cheapest pieces of exercise equipment available. Incorporate glider exercises into your workout for a safe and effective change of pace. There are plenty of benefits to using them.

  • Use them on all surfaces, it won’t matter what surface you’ve got at home or on your travels, because these double sided exercise sliders work smoothly on all surfaces
  • Such a wide variety of exercises to tone or strengthen tour core, the possibilities are endless here, you’ll never ever be bored with them. Toning your tummy, legs or arms will be never be an issue again while you enjoy lunges, planks, bridges or simply make up your own exercises. 
  • Low impact, effective and fun, with the core sliders, your hands or feet never leave the floor, so it’s a total body workout that is very low impact but highly effective for core development. They will add so much fun to your daily workouts and think of all the extra flexibility you’ll have.
  • Lightweight to travel with and so convenient to use at home , our exercise sliders are so light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel. Take them to the gym or if its more time efficient and convenient, stay at home and still get an awesome home workout in.
  • Lifetime guarantee. We stand by the quality of our gliding discs, and if they don’t work out for you for any reason then send it back to us for your full money back. We know you will love them.